March 18, 2020 – IMS is proud to sponsor an enhancement that will be made to the Children’s Garden at The Huntsville Botanical Garden. It is called Tweetsville.  The project is expected to break ground sometime this year pending any possible delays because of COVID-19.

Through this project, the Botanical Garden will provide children and their caregivers with new ways of learning in an outdoor classroom, teaching lessons about native habitats. They will learn what a native habitat is, why it is relevant to them, and even how urban expansion affects native habitats.

Why the focus on birds?  The Garden is the home to the Lewis Birding Trail which is devoted to the conservation, education and enjoyment of bird life.  The Garden is listed as a birding “Hot Spot” by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon.  Much like the butterflies and turtles in the Purdy Butterfly House, birds are charismatic creatures that can surprise and delight guests of all ages.